Whether you are cleaning out your basement, building a new house, or own a company with a large amount of metal, paper or plastic, let ALPCO Recycling, Inc. get rid of your scraps and recyclables for you. With our affiliation with competent contractors such as JAZ Trucking, we can provide a fleet of roll-off trucks, tractor trailers, trailer services, and a pick-up service, as well as a range of fork trucks, loaders and excavators.

Silver metal trailer and hitch in the driveway of a residential home provided by ALPCO Recycling in Macedon, NY

Meeting Your Needs by Transporting Any Recyclable Materials!

Have a large project on your hands? Let our specialists come to you. We can determine the equipment and vehicle you need to fit and carry your materials, while helping you save time, money, and space. Located in Macedon, NY, we are able to transport materials for customers throughout Monroe, Wayne and Ontario counties along with other areas

Our transportation services include:

  • Stationary Compactor Boxes
    • For industrial, retail and manufacturing jobs
  • Boom Truck Services
    • Great for more difficult projects
  • Van Trailer Services
    • Helps us easily pick up your recyclables and transport them to our facility
  • Flatbed Services
    • Able to fit any size or shape of material
  • Push-Out Blade Services
    • Perfect for hauling heavy materials

Have materials to transport? Contact us today at 315-986-8900.