Whether you’re a construction contractor working on a big job, or you’re a business owner in an office with a large amount of scraps to get rid of, it can be difficult to properly dispose of so much waste. But at ALPCO Recycling, we can handle it. Our team works on commercial recycling and waste-removal projects throughout Monroe, Ontario, and Wayne counties. No job is too big or too small for us; we get the job done quickly and will find the best solution possible for your situation!

Stacks of recycled commercial goods on wooden pallets taken care of by ALPCO Recycling in Macedon, NY

Got a Large Project? We Have the Waste-Removal Solution for You!

Construction & Demolition Services

Have you been working on a job that has produced a lot of trash? Bring us your waste from remodeling projects and renovations, or household trash that is just too big for the Residential Drop-Off Circle. Our team will sort through the material to determine what needs to be recycled. The non-recyclables will be sent to the landfill for proper treatment.

Per pound fee (Construction & Demolition/Trash):

  • 1-299 lbs: $0.15/lb
  • 300-999 lbs: $0.12/lb
  • 1,000+ lbs: $0.10/lb

We also can take tires on and off rims for your convenience!

  • Tires on Rim any quantity $.05/lb
  • Tires off Rim  any quantity $.15/lb

Plant Operations

If you have office supplies you need to dispose of, at ALPCO Recycling, Inc. we sort and process office paper, newsprint, cardboard, metal, and all types of plastics. We also will bale any material being sent to the mills for processing.

Roll-Off Boxes

Commercial recycling projects are often pretty large, which is why we offer roll-off boxes to transport your materials. Our box sizes include 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40-yard containers. We can evaluate your materials and offer advice as to which box is best suited for the job. No matter your needs, we have the solution!

Have a commercial project you’re working on? Let us handle the waste, so you can focus on the job. Contact us today at 315-986-8900 and we will be happy to help!