If you have junk in your home, you may think it’s simpler to just throw it out. But at ALPCO Recycling, our Residential Drop-Off Circle makes properly disposing of your trash and recyclables quick, easy, and fun! Located in Macedon, NY, we welcome homeowners throughout Monroe, Ontario and Wayne counties to join us in saving the Earth, one plastic bottle at a time!

Residential Recycling in Macedon, NY | ALPCO Recycling

Join the Circle to Save the Earth!

Residential Drop-Off Circle

ALPCO Recycling, Inc. has a one-stop drop-off circle for all of your household recyclables, including aluminum foil, tin cans, newspapers, magazines, junk mail, cardboard boxes, pizza boxes, glass, plastic, etc. We also provide trash disposal with a per pound fee, and can redeem your bottles and cans. We strive to make the drop-off quick and easy for you. We also have a resale section, because we truly believe one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Need propane? We do that too!

The Residential Drop-Off Circle is available seven days a week for your convenience!

Bottle Redemption

  • We accept most NYS 5¢ returnable bottles and cans (NOT crushed)
  • We accept most store and national brands
  • No bottle or can limit (but large amounts may not be counted the same day)
  • We cannot accept Canadian or Mexican bottles and cans


If you choose to donate your bottle and cans to a non profit group you may do so, let us know which charity you’d like to donate to and we will handle the rest. We also host bottle and can drives to help nonprofits raise money.

Trash Club

Join our Trash Club! Ask a booth attendant for a Trash Club Card. With this card, you can get a stamp each time you bring in your trash. You can get a Bonus stamp if you bring in your recyclables too. With your 12th stamp you can get up to $5 off the cost of your trash, and if you are also bringing in recyclables, you will get $6 off!

We also offer a senior discount of $.12/lb off trash costs for anyone 55+. Just let our attendant know that you qualify!

For more information about our services offered in the Residential Drop-Off Circle, contact us today at 315-986-8900. We make recycling as easy as possible for you!