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Alpco Recycling Inc.

Was founded on family values and is totally committed to the earth and the global concerns over our non-renewable resources and raw materials. ALPCO was originally founded in 1960 and quickly evolved into the Upstate New York leader in commercial, industrial, and residential recycling. This took place nearly 25 years before "recycling" became a familiar household phrase.

The company collects, processes, and transports thousands of tons of recyclable and scrap materials every year in Macedon NY. This dedication to recycling and renewal keeps this material out of the overburdened landfills of the Northeastern United States and ensures that it can be reused in the manufacture of new products and finished goods.

ALPCO is the recognized leader in creative and innovative recycling throughout Western New York with its focus on complete customer satisfaction.

ALPCO, a family-owned company, serves the local and regional recycling community through innovative services geared towards convenience and efficiency.

ALPCO Recycling, Inc. has two separate business models located at 846 Macedon Center Road:  We have the Residential Drop Off Circle (the entrance with the blue sign) and the Commercial Area (the entrance with the white sign) of the facility.  Let’s review what each side of the business can do for YOU.

The purpose of the Residential Drop Off Circle is to provide the community with easy access for all their recycling needs seven days a week. You will start your visit by being greeted by one of our booth attendants. You will be given a clipboard with a material ticket and you can then proceed to the first station, our outdoor center.  You can purchase, colored or natural mulch, landscaping rocks or pavers.  You can even get your Propane Tank Filled, sorry we do not exchange tanks, we only fill them.

The second station is “The Recycling Center”, (the brown lean-to). This station takes cardboard, newspaper, office paper, tin cans, aluminum cans, #1 and #2 Plastics, and EVERYTHING that is accepted here is a FREE drop off.

Once you have completed all your recycling drop offs you then can move forward to our third stop our “NYS Bottle & Can Redemption Center”.  You can drop off all your nickel deposits to be counted and logged on your material ticket for payment when you return back to the booth prior to exiting ALPCO Recycling, Inc.  We will take large groups and fundraisers, (1200 pieces and over). However these groups will be counted at a later time and you will be notified of the final count by phone so you can decide how you would like your payment: cash or check.

Now that you are done with your nickel counts you move on to the fourth station the “Trash Shed”.  You can get rid of you daily household garbage and any other unwanted items.  We have three different pricing tiers.

  •  > Up to 299 lbs. is $.15 per lb.
  •  > 300 lbs to 999 lbs is $.12 per lb.
  •  > 1,000 lbs and over is $.10 per lb.


At “The Trash Shed” you can also dispose of “Waste Oil”, “Antifreeze” and “Paint Cans”. All of the paint cans have to be completely sealed.

Ok, now are you in the mood to shop?  Then take a peek in the “Second Time Around” area (when available).  This is located directly adjacent to the “Trash Shed”. These are items that still have lots of life left in them. You might find a gem you can’t live without.

The last stop is back at the booth; the attendant will take your clipboard and tally your items. You are in and out in a jiffy and on to bigger parts of your day. Give our Residential Drop Off Circle area a try. You will see how easy and fast our service is.

Now that you understand the Residential Drop Off Circle area better.  Let’s dive right into the Commercial Side of ALPCO Recycling, Inc.  Right off the bat the name confuses many people.  Everyone can take advantage of the Commercial Side of the business.  That’s right, that’s YOU, as well as our street trade scrappers, businesses, industrial customers, homeowners and our regular Commercial trade trucks.  One of the biggest differences between the Commercial side and the Residential Drop Off Circle is that the Commercial side accepts larger quantities of recyclable materials and scrap metals.  Let’s take a look at what the Commercial side pays for:

  • > Ferrous Metals (Tin, Steel, Rotors, etc., metal with iron in it) FYI if you have a magnet it will stick to it
  • > Non-Ferrous Metals (Cooper, Aluminum, Brass etc., metal WITHOUT any iron in it) FYI if you have a magnet it will NOT stick to it
  • > Tires on the Rim
  • > Lead Acid Batteries (car, forklift, lawn mower etc.)
  • > Corrugated Cardboard (500 lbs. & over)
  • > Office Waste/ Brochures (500 lbs. & over)
  • > Soft Cover & Hard Cover Books (500 lbs. & over)
  • > Catalogs, Magazines, Phone Books (500 lbs. & over)
  • > Many Different types of Plastics (please contact us directly for more information)


Not everything that is brought into the Commercial side is an item that you get paid for. 

ALPCO Recycling, Inc. can dispose of all your unwanted materials.  Let’s take a few minutes to look at what we take that you would pay to get rid of:

  • > Unwanted Items (Couches, Mattresses, Furniture, etc.)
  • > Household Trash
  • > Brush, Trees, Leaves and Lawn Debris
  • > Wood Waste (lumber, pressure treated and un-treated etc.)
  • > Vinyl Siding
  • > C & D Waste (Construction and Demolition Material)
  • > Tires (off the rim)
  • > Wood Pallets
  • If you have something you want to dispose of and you don’t see it here, please give us a call at 315-986-8900.


As you can see, ALPCO Recycling, Inc. offers many different services.  We also offer Clean Up & Clean Out Services, Van Trailers, Roll-Off Boxes, Down Stoke Vertical Balers, and Sanitary Compactors.  Let us know if you have any other needs or questions. We are here to FIND THE BEST SOLUTUIONS, FOR YOU.

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